Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012


Because a special friend asked me for it, I'm doing a post in English today. It's probably not perfect, but who cares.
Yesterday i arrived at Chicago O'Hare airport, which was very confusing. I got controlled in Canada pretty intensive, so didn't get controlled in the states at all! They didn't even want to see my passport. I still can't believe it.
Anyways, Hannah picked me up at the airport then, and we went home, which took us forever, because we took the wrong road :D
Afterwards I was just so tired that I went to bed at like 9 o'clock. Can't get rid of the habit being tired at 8 :D
This morning we left at 7:40 to go to downtown chicago and do all the sightseeing stuff. We first went to the Christkindelmarket which was still closed, so we moved on to get to Macy's.  Sure :D I bought the nicest tablet case ever, i adore it! Then we went to the Christmas area at Macy's which is really something to see. All these trees with the nicest decorations ever and soooo many different items to hang on your tree - it was unbelievable! It was probably as interesting as Käthe  Wohlfahrts  Weihnachtsladen  in Germany, just on a different level, since it's mostly modern stuff, like food or Hello Kitty. It was just very very big, which made it so worth seeing it.
Afterwards we went to H&M where you can find a way different collection than in Germany. Of course i bought some stuff ;-)
At Starbucks we got something to eat, because it was already noon and it was just soooo expensive. Guess what?! I miss Timmy's  already. Oh and before that, wee took pictures in front of the Chicago theatre, which is very famous.
Then it started raining so we stayed at Starbucks for about a hour where we had a great sight at the bean, which is actually supposed to show a cloud :D After the rain stopped we went to the art gallery but just to see it outside because I'm not really into art :D There we also saw the start of the famous route 66 and we had a great view at the sears tower. Afterwards we took lots and lots of pictures at thebean which i can't show you now because i don't have a converter that fits my laptop! Yes intelligent me. Then we went to the christkindelmarket where you could only find German things like bratwurst,  gluhwein, kraut.  All this stuff. It just reminded me of home so bad...
As a last stop we saw the sears tower, but we didn't go up because it was kind of cloudy the while day, so i didn't want to pay for viewing a grey sky. I saw lots of the city yesterday when my plane arrived.
Afterwards we were just exhausted and happy to come home and have a little break.
Later we want to watch a movie but I'm going to keep you updated.
I'm going to put the pictures online when I'm back in germany, where I can use my laptop.
That's why my gorgeous parents gave me a tablet PC :D
I hope I didn't make too many mistakes, but if yes, i just don't want to know.
Take care,

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